Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Perspective.

As I watch One Tree Hill, again, I have come to the school shooting episode. The last time I watched it, it made me upset because the people in the show lost someone they love in a tragic way.
This time I have a new perspective. 
When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher. A few months ago I wanted to be a teacher. Now, I am currently substituting and can not fathom this situation. 
I have been with junior high kids the past few weeks and I just want to hug every single one of them. I can see how each one of them has their own story and how each one has their own battles.
I know that times change but the dynamics in a school will always be the same. While people are in school, they are finding themselves. They don't know their place in the world but yet cruel kids judge them and berate them.
My heart hurts thinking about these children going through torment, unhappiness, and confusion. I wish I could tell each one of them that life gets better. Life is so much more than grade school. Life is so much more than college.
The whole time I was watching these shooting scenes, I couldn't help but to think what I would do in that incident.
I would protect the crap out of my kids, just like I want to protect them from their everyday turmoil. I would jump in front of a bullet just so they would have the chance to become someone one day.
I know that sounds dramatic but seriously, think about it. These things are happening everyday and the odds of it happening to someone we know is rising. It is a scary thought. 
I don't know how strong I would be in the situation but I would like to think that I could keep my head right.
I just wish I could help every adolescent, but I guess that is why people become teachers.
I don't really pray, it is not my thing, but I hope that every child I have the pleasure to spend a day with finds peace and happiness in their lives.
Way to sound like a hippie Danielle.
I will get off of this subject now, just do me a favor. If you have children in your life, please make sure you hug them. Tell them you love them everyday. 
The yearning to be loved starts the first day of our lives, let them know that you will be there for them. Nothing is better than a parent's love. Believe me, I know. I miss my mom's everyday.


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