Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 2 of Disney. Magic Kingdom, again.

Out of all of the parks, we were definitely at Magic Kingdom the most. We rode every ride that we wanted to ride. The only ones we didn't, were the baby rides.

Today is going to be more about tips than our agenda for the day.

First and foremost, FastPass is your best friend. One reason we got to ride every single ride was those handy dandy fast passes.
When you book your vacation online, you can pick three passes for one day. If you plan on park hopping, you can not have them at more than one park in one day.
The catch is, when you use up those three, you can go to the FastPass kiosk and get up to two more. You only can get one at a time though.
If you park hop, save those extra two for your second park. 
*Make sure you do not book your FastPass for first thing in the morning or late at night. These are the times when the regular lines's wait times are down.

Secondly, unless you really want to see the opening ceremony at the park, you do not have to arrive prior to the gates opening. 
The park opened at 8 and we got there at 9. No long lines, no hassle. 
*Head to Fantasyland first. The Seven Dwarf Mine Train's wait will get up to 90 minutes fast, and it will stay there.

Lady Tremaine, Priscilla, and Driscilla are musts. They are probably my favorite group that we met. (But we didn't meet my all-time favorite Belle, otherwise she would be my favorite by far!) Their meet and greet was located on the left backside of the castle.
*Heads up for the Rapunzel/Cinderella line and Anna/Elsa line. We got in line for Cinderella/Rapunzel when the sign said 20 minutes. We were in line for 2 hours. The reason was, the fastpassers definitely win at this attraction. As soon as you show up in the FastPass line, you go in.
The Anna/Else line said 90 minutes but the family in front of us had Dad stand in that one while they waited in Cinderlla/Rapunzel. He got in line after they did and made it to the front of the line before they did. Point being, their line is faster than listed time and the other is a lot longer.
It was totally worth the wait though!

The best atmosphere for meet and greets was Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse. If you want to do meet and greets, these are definitely a must. 
Tinkerbell (above) we met in the extra Magic Hours with our 5th FastPass. She was super sweet and the whole experience made you feel like you were in Pixie Hollow.

This Mickey Mouse (below) is the only one we found that talks and interacts with the guests. If you're gonna meet Mickey, this is the one you need to see. It was fantastic. We also had a FastPass for this one. Definitely worth it.

Both of these are located in the Town Square Theater. Their wait times weren't ever over a hour but it was nice being able to get right in and out.

*You do not get that wet on Splash Mountain, a poncho isn't necessary. I would advise wearing one on Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom though.

All three of these pictures are courtesy of the Memory Maker. I really, really suggest you invest!

The show in front of the castle, Wishes, is worth watching. It has almost all of the princesses with their princes (no Belle :( ), the villains, Peter Pan and Wendy, Donald and Goofy, and a handful of others.

*The Toy Story characters do not drop when you say Andy is coming anymore. They simply reply "He's in college."

The bottom left corner is the Beast's castle. Obviously, this was my favorite part of Fantasyland but unfortunately we were not able to eat at Be Our Guest. 

*If you want to eat at Be Our Guest you HAVE to make a reservation, if available, the day you book or the day it hits the 180 day mark till your trip. You will have a very hard time getting one else wise.

My next recommendation is dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table. It is located in the castle and is a really great experience. You get to meet Cinderella as soon as you get there then as you eat, other princesses visit your table. You are guaranteed a visit from each one that is in the dining room. After dinner, you have a pretty awesome seat for the fireworks, you are the only people allowed under the castle at this moment. You can choose to watch them from the back of the castle or leave out the front and join everyone else. It was pretty cool to feel v.i.p.

This is the view after dinner. It is pretty magical.

*You also need to make these reservations really early in advance.

Well, that concludes my Day 2. We also closed it down this night too. I think it was at midnight or 1 am. I am not real sure.

Check out the video below. It includes some of the fireworks.


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