Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 3, Woo Wee. Hollywood Studios and Epcot

I am not going to lie, by the third day we had blisters on our feet and pain in our backs but we were going to keep trekking forward.

Initially, we planned the whole day to be at Hollywood Studios but it was Star Wars weekend and it was crazy. Not to mention, we pretty much accomplished everything in the time that we were there. We had fast passes for Muppets 3D, Tower of Terror, and Rockin Roller Coaster. Unfortunately, when our time for Rockin Roller Coaster came up, it was shut down. 

*A crew member working at the FastPass kiosk told us that if we signed up for FastPasses for a certain ride for all 5 of us but we weren't all going to ride, we could simply use the other people's Magicbands and ride again. Definitely useful information. We did this on Tower of Terror.

It was cool to see Stars Wars Weekend, there were characters everywhere and fans dressed all out, but it was just a little overwhelming.

*If you want to meet the characters from Toy Story, I suggest you do the meet and greet at Hollywood Studios and not Magic Kingdom. At Magic Kingdom it is Woody and Jessie and you have to wait outside by Splash Mountain. At Hollywood Studios, it is Woody and Buzz and you get to wait in line in the air condition. There is also some cute photo ops in the queue line, which was only thirty minutes long.

*Minnie is hidden in the corner of The Magic of Animation building. There are no signs that say it is the line for her and she is in a back room. Don't be afraid to ask, crew members will tell you where to go.

All of our meet and greets had really shorts lines, but that could be due to all of the people in line to meet the Star Wars characters.

Funny story, over by Toy Story Mania there were Star Troppers wandering around, hassling people dressed up in Star Wars attire. They literally chased this little girl back to her dad. He had to use his Star Wars trivia to get them to back off. My sister was so scared and pretty much dragged us through that part of the park.

Down the Streets of America they had the carriage and slipper from the new movie while we were there. I have found out that they now only have the slipper there for a photo op.

*Do not miss out on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play yard. My little sister has never seen the movie and didn't really understand it but all of us older folks can still appreciate it. My favorite part is still the big dog nose that actually sniffs.

Muppets 3D and The Voyage of the Little Mermaid are exactly the way they were when I was 10. They are still worth a watch though.

It actually rains around that Singing in the Rain Umbrella in the Streets of America. It's pretty cool.

Here are our two adventures on the Tower of Terror. The bottom is actually our first time. It was a blast. I had never been on it where it dropped so many times in one ride.

*Every ride is different, you will never have the same drop experience unless you ride it like twenty times in a row.

*If you buy the Memory Maker, you get a video from this ride. Ours are in the video at the bottom of this blog. I cut and pasted them together.

After we had enough of the Star Wars crowd and had done most of the attractions, we made our way to Epcot.

I am under the impression that Epcot is the only place with a meet and greet with Belle. I made a beeline to France to make it but when I got there I found out that she does not come out in the rain. I was devastated.

We made our way around the different countries and rode most of the rides. Unfortunately, we missed a few of the big ones. We just ran out of time.

We made last minute dinner restaurants in China at the Nine Dragons Restaurant. I highly recommend this place. Everything we had tasted amazing!

*Do not miss the fireworks at Epcot. Illuminations was a great show involving the World Showcase.

Side note: I have heard that they are shitting down a lot of attraction at Hollywood Studios and people are getting angry. Make sure you double check what is available at the park before your visit.

Well, there you go. Already three days in a lot of activities under our belt. And there is still a lot more to come! Stay tuned!


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