Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 4, Let's Explore

Happy New Week everyone! Yes, I know it is Tuesday and not Monday but it's also 6 am and I haven't gone to sleep yet. So, there's that.

Day 4 was busy. We started at the Animal Kingdom but it closes at 6 and we ran out of things to do so we went back to Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom when we left.

There are a few musts that you have to conquer when you visit Animal Kingdom. 
Kali River Rapids is overrated.
Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, It's Tough to be a Bug, The Spirit of the Lion King, and the Kilimanjaro Safari are all musts.

They are really fun and can be enjoyed by all ages. 

Meet and greets are pretty ideal here. They all had pretty short lines. The safari Mickey,Donald, Daisy, and Goofy were in a restaurant in the Africa portion. It was buffet style and I highly recommend it. We did not have reservations and were lucky enough to get right in.

At the Tarzan meet and greet, I got stung by a wasp. It simply fell from a tree and landed on my wrist. Luckily it was during one of his breaks and I did not lose my place in line. I was the first one there to meet him. My little sister was scared of him and refused to even be close. He was really good at being in character, and pretty attractive.

The first aid was very easy and accessible. It took me no time at all to get a sting reliever.

After Animal Kingdom, we wanted to go and try the rides we were not able to before. When we got to Magic Kingdom, it was after ten and the park was closing at one. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was the only ride we had missed that we really wanted to ride. Neither one of us had ridden it before.

We were in Tomorrowland, grabbing a later dinner, and I started talking to one of the cashiers. I was explaining to her how bummed we were but apparently we were about to go wait in a really long line. 
Magically, she pulled out an employee fast pass book and wrote us a fast pass. I guess this is a pretty rare thing to happen. 
I thanked her a million times and thanked myself for being such a people person.
After we ate, we waited no long than ten minutes to get on, and it was worth it. 
It's a pretty slow coaster but the animatronics and all of the details are worth the ride. I highly suggest getting a fast pass for that one!

The top left picture in this collage is one of my favorites from the trip.
All my little sister could talk about months before our trip was the Rockin Roller Coaster. I warned her that it started out 0 to 60 in the first few seconds but she said she could handle it.
We had a fast pass for this the day before but it had been shut down and we did not stick around long enough for it to re-open and honor our fast pass. 
After Animal Kingdom, this was our first stop. I took her to Hollywood Studios while the rest of our group went back to the room to drop off our purchases and freshen up.
Jaysa and I waited in line for 40 minutes, and when we got inside and she could see it take off, she wanted out. 
Of course, I was the mean sister and said absolutely not. We had made it this far, she was going to be a trooper.
Needless to say, she was crying by the time we got on the ride. 
When she got off though, she wanted to ride again.
This one is also a must. It is a blast.

See y'all tomorrow.


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