Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 6, beware of water

Let me just sum up Islands of Adventure for you, Harry Potter, roller coasters, and getting soaking wet.

I had never been to this park and I can say that it was pretty fun. I think I would prefer the original side over it still, but it was fun.

Again, I will not be elaborating on the Harry Potter part in this post, I will go over those parks in detail in their own post.

We didn't take very many pictures on this side. Just a fyi.

The ride in the top right of this collage. /\ Dr. Doom's whatever is the most boring ride. My sister was dying to ride it, and afterwards I was like "Well, that was a waste of twenty minutes." Thank goodness we had those fast passes again. I would have been pissed if  I had waited really long for that ride.

The Dr. Seuss part of the park is really cute, as is the ride. Perfect for little ones. You can even meet the Cat in the Hat. At Christmas, I believe they have the Grinch. I will update when I get back in December.

Spiderman is one of the moving motion rides. It is pretty fun. 
Spiderman himself is pretty sneaky and poses for a photo op across the walkway from his ride.

There is a pretty cool Hulk roller coaster nut we didn't get any pictures of it. It lives up to a roller coaster's reputation.

Jurassic World is also great. I personally love those movies and this part of the park lives up to the expectations. I do have to warn you that the ride has a huge drop and you will get wet.
We had no idea that there was a drop. If you walk up on the ride from the right, you will not see the drop before you get on. Then, you will not know about the drop till you get on the conveyor belt.
It was a blast but I got soaked.

The Raptor Encounter is a must see. We didn't stand in line to get a close up but we stood by the exit and got a glimpse. It is so realistic!

The ride in the bottom left picture is Rip Saw Falls. It is based on Dudley Do Right and is a blast. Obviously, you can see it is a water ride and you WILL get wet. I came off soaked.

Posideon's Adventure, in the top right is a pretty cool experience. It is a standing walk through show though so don't expect to go in a be able to rest. There are railings to lean on but no seats. The effects and the way that it is put together is pretty cool though, I would say you need to do this at least once in your life.

After we had already been soaked from Jurassic and Rip Saw, my dad, sister and I decided to get the last water ride out of the way. 
It is a raft style ride, pictured on the bottom right, based off of Popeye.
We stood by the exit for a bit to see how wet people were that were coming off, it didn't look to bad.
I have never in my life gotten more wet on a ride than I did on that one. I got put under at least three waterfalls. Halfway through the ride, it was pointless to even try to lean and avoid them. 
It was fun, but I hate the feeling of wet clothes.

On our way out, we had to stop at Margaritaville. I got some tropical frozen drink that was delicious.

I combined Day 6 and 7's video so I will post that tomorrow. Today I will leave you with this...


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