Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One Tree Hill Dream Come True!

*Warning: There is a lot of name dropping in this blog. I am sorry but it was just a cool experience for me.

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the Space City Comic Con which was held at the NRG Center in Houston.

Let me start by saying that I love volunteering. It is very fulfilling to help people without expecting anything in return.

When I signed up to volunteer, I was a Comic Con virgin. When I first heard about this one, I immediately bought a ticket for Sunday, which was the only day Chad Michael Murray was suppose to be there and the day of all of the One Tree Hill things. I also bought a Chad Michael Murray autograph voucher. 

I then found the section to apply to be a volunteer and instantly applied. I had no idea what job I would have or even what kind of jobs there would be. I was entering this totally blind.

Now, being on the other side of the weekend, I can say that it was one of the best experiences of my life. I have never entered the world of cosplay, comics, Star Trek, or Doctor Who. Here I was, a Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Divergemt girl dropped into a Trekkie World. (Yes, that was a Journey pun.)

I couldn't even fathom what my eyes would witness this past weekend. I tried to prepare myself but it just doesn't compare to actually being there, actually being a part of it.

My Friday morning started with me running around trying to get answers for all of the exhibitors, agents, guests, and volunteers that were coming to me for help. Being the assertive person that I am, I took charge and did the best that I could.

My actual title was "line control." I was suppose to, you guessed it, control lines. Well, we were short on volunteers and luckily it wasn't too busy. Our leader was really busy so the small group of us positioned ourselves where we thought we would be needed. I conveniently placed myself in front of the Power Rangers and Antwon Tanner.

If you don't know, one of the Power Rangers was actually in One Tree Hill. Michael Copon, the blue ranger, played Felix in season 2. 

Chad Michael Murray's booth was also in this section but he was not there that day. So, I was pretty much guarding the Power Rangers and the One Tree Hill actors. Could life get any better?

After four hours of working this area, lines were just not forming. A lot of people were approaching them but never enough at one time to form a line. This is when I was taken away to start my new job that I would be in charge of for the rest of the weekend.

I suddenly turn into an information desk, message relayer, guest escort, and anything else I was told to do. Eventually, I was put on autograph voucher redemption and stayed with this for the rest of the weekend, slightly taking charge on Saturday.

Let's get to the good stuff now. You may or may not know that I am a HUGE fan of One Tree Hill. That being said, please understand that I may have been fangirling every moment of the weekend just knowing I was in the same building as Skills, Felix, and Lucas.

Friday, I used my break to get an autograph and picture from Antwon Tanner and Michael Copon. I had to pay like everyone else and did not get any special privilege because I was a volunteer.

I looked like crap but I don't care. I was in sheer OTH heaven. 

Saturday, I was super busy and never really got a chance to walk around or do anything until almost closing time. At this time, I decided to walk around and see who I could possibly run into. 

Well, I literally ran right into Chad Michael Murray. He was walking back from his photo op with his handler and I just wasn't paying attention. I bumped into them and embarrassingly power walked the other direction.

I did get to meet and and talk to a few cool people on Saturday though. Since I was pretty much controlling the autograph vouchers, I had to talk to some of the handlers and agents to let them know exactly how they were working. 

I was talking to Jason Burkhart's agent when he struck up a conversation with me about my Beauty and the Beast watch. He plays Little John on ABC's Once Upon a Time and was super nice.
I also had to come in close proximity of Antwon Tanner again as I talked to his agent.

When the con started to close down on Saturday, some of the celebs walked to the front with their handlers to turn their things in for the day. This is where I met Cody Saintgnue from Teen Wolf and Garrett Wang from Star Trek. I would have never known they were famous if they weren't with their handlers and if they hadn't said hi to me. I just have never watched those shows.

My most embarrassing moment was when two guests that I had dealt with all day brought their "friend" to get a shirt. My impression was that we had no shirts with us and that they would be mailed to the v.i.p.s. So, I simply stated what I had been told.  They then insisted that we did and that they had just received two and their "friend" really wanted one. All I could do was lead them to the person in charge.
Sunday, I found out that their "friend" was indeed Miltos Yerolemou from Game of Thrones. My bad.

Sunday was the day I was waiting for. I did not volunteer this day and promised my little sister that I would take her. She had been talking about meeting the Power Rangers since the day I told her about it three weeks ago.

My friend, little sister, and I all got to the con at 9 am. I had to set up the autograph vouchers and get the people going that would be doing it that day. 

When the doors opened at 10, we shopped for awhile but then went to meet them dang Power Rangers. She only had a enough money to meet three (I helped a little) so she chose the pink, yellow and blue rangers. 

If you're keeping count, this is the 2nd time I got to go talk to the blue ranger.
My friend is also a One Tree  Hill fan a paid to take a picture him.

After we were done with them, it was time for the main event. Chad Michael Murray. Now, my friend and I were both getting autographs, we were going to pay to take a picture with him at the booth, and we had paid for a professional photo op. Thank God, we did buy that photo op though, the phone picture did not turn out good of me. I guess I was laughing.

My autographs were now complete.

After meeting Chad at his booth, we headed to the One Tree Hill Q & A panel. It was so fun. The three of them have great chemistry and they were just hilarious.

Michael Copon even sang a little part from The Boys In Motion from when he was on That's So Raven.

Now, it was time for our photo op.

Poor Chad looks exhausted but it is a better picture me!

Now, let's talk about my little sister's outfit. She was a girly ninja turtle if you couldn't tell and let me just tell you, it was great that she dressed up. She definitely got us more attention. The two female Power Rangers loved her and Erin Cahill, the pink ranger, came to talk to her at least one time after we met her the first time.

While we were in line waiting for Chad (we were 2nd), the three OTH actors came back and had to walk right by us. Michael didn't stop to talk to anyone except the the three of us. It was pretty cool. 

We also all had the feeling that they kept looking at us during the OTH panel, but who knows. 

Overall, my weekend was beyond amazing. I met some amazing people that volunteered with me, I was in the same room as a lot of celebrities including William Shatner, and I got to touch Chad Michael Murray three times. OTH will never be the same for me now that I have met these guys.

I know this is a long one but I just had a lot to say and lot to recap. Thanks for sticking around.


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