Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day #3 Not Adulting Today

The third day of our vacation was an extra magical one for me. In case you didn't know, Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite. On this day, I got to do something that I had wanted to do since the experience had opened, we will get to it in a bit.

We started our day off bright and early at Animal Kingdom. My friend doesn't really do thrill rides so I decided to not get fast passes for anything there.

*Online you can only plan fast passes for one park a day. If you use all three of those passes though then go to a different park, you can get one fast pass at a time at the new park.

Considering the only rides we really wanted to ride were the Safari and Dinosaur, we opted to stand in line and save the fast passes for Magic Kingdom.

Now, let me tell you about our shirts. They simply said "Not Adulting Today" but they were a huge hit. The cast members and the characters love'd them. Almost everytime we went to meet a character, the gestured to a shirts and made a "comment."

We went straight to the safari when we arrived. The line was about 40 minutes long but it seemed to move fairly quick. It was a good time to go on it because all of the animals had just been fed so they were all mostly roaming out in the open. We also got to sit in the front row which was nice because we got to ask the tour guide questions.

 Nothing too exciting happened at Animal Kingdom. We did meet Flik and Pocahontas which I didn't get to me in June.

Animal Kingdom's Christmas Tree

 Animal Kingdom has a lot of characters that are randomly placed.

*Be sure to not only pick up a park map at the entrances of all of the parks. there is also a Character Meet and Greet schedule located there. Make sure you get one of these if you plan on meeting the characters. They are super helpful and allows you to meet characters you might not meet anywhere else. You can also find this info on the app when you are in the parks.

 Chip and Dale were absolutely great. They goofed around and made us not feel like we were just the next people in line.

*If you have time, travel to Discovery Island. It is a great learning experience and that is where Rafiki and Chip and Dale are. The train ride there takes you a little behind the scenes of where they care for the animals in the safari.

We had mixed feelings about this Pocahontas. We felt like she could have been casted a little bit better.

Front row on Dinosaur. Love this ride.

Now for the best part of our day....

This would be where me being a Beauty and the Beast fan comes into play.

If you haven't heard, I'm telling you now. Disney has opened an extraordinary new restaurant based on Beauty and the Beast. I am going to try to explain it to you but you seriously need to see it with your own eyes.

First off, you can be seated in the ballroom, the west wing, or the castle gallery. We were seated in the ballroom but you are allowed to walk around and see the other rooms when you are done eating. The cuisine is French and the atmosphere is to die for. You literally feel like you have stepped into the Beast's castle.

The service was good and the food was delicious. You do pay a pretty penny for it but the experience is worth it in my eyes.

This is outside the front entrance. I was so excited!

Just a little trivia, you can not by the Belle ears anywhere at Disneyworld. Apparently they were just available at Disneyland at some point in time. Ironically I found these at the Disney store at our local outlet mall. They were on sale also!

This is how your napkin is presented on the table. A rose.

Our castle drinks, they were $20 because of the cup.

This was our view from our table.

Some of the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

This is in the Castle Gallery room.

*This restaurant is the only place you can meet the Beast.

Try the grey stuff, it's delicious! Mine was festive.

The Beast and I may have fell in love... He loved my outfit.

Out of everything we did on this trip, this dinner was definitely my highlight. I would eat there every time I go to Disneyworld. It was a magical feeling to feel like you are actually living in your favorite movie.

My friend's favorite is Ariel so we had to take a picture in front of her castle.

The castle is so pretty at Christmas!

This is from Enchanted Tales with Belle.

*The only place to officially meet Belle in her ball gown is at the Akershus in Epcot. You have to pay for character dining. If you go to Enchanted Tales with Belle, at the end you get to take a picture with her if you had a part in the tale. There are enough parts for everyone. If I had know this, I would have definitely been a part.

Buzz Lightyear.

*If you wait to ride this ride towards the end if the night, the wait is usually around 5 minutes.

Seven Dwarf Mine Train.

*Unless you want to wait an hour or longer, this needs to be one of the first fast passes you get. They go quickly.
This is a prime example of their lighting being better than your own personal camera.

This day was a long one but it was also amazing. It was such nice experience being a Disney veteran and being able to do what we wanted to do and what we had never done before. There are still a few attractions that I have never done that I will most likely do next time.

I loved this day because of the Be Our Guest Restaurant and because it went very smoothly. Come back tomorrow to see the last day of magic!


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