Monday, February 22, 2016

Maybe I am addicted, Disney Trip #2 Day 1

I may be a little addicted, or obsessed, with Disney. As a 27 year old adult, I went to Disneyworld twice last year. I went once with my family and once with one of my really good friends, it was more of an adult trip. I had an absolute blast both times. You can find my posts about the first trip in previous blogs.

Today I would like to start the recap of my second trip. We were there December 20th through Christmas Eve, and let me just tell you, it was magical.

I have been to Disney a lot. 7 times to be precise, and every trip has been different but also amazing. Two of my previous trips were during New Years. The parks were still decorated for Christmas but it wasn't as magical as being there right before Christmas, and we also didn't get much time to enjoy it. We were there to dance in the Capital One Bowl and our time was strictly scheduled.

This trip was relaxing, exciting, and magical.

Your first trip, I feel, will always be stressful. You will want to try to see and do everything. It is possible but it is draining. You need at least five days of park hopper tickets to get it all in.

When we went in June, it was my little sister's first trip. We wanted her to get the full experience so I tried to plan out everything we possibly could. There were hardly any spare moments and we were exhausted every night when our heads hit the pillows. I wouldn't have traded it for the world though.

This is one of my favorite pictures from that trip. All I see is pure joy.

Now, let's start the recap from my adult trip over Christmas break.

This trip was more relaxed. We had both been there before so we did the things we wanted to do, not the things we had to do. It was nice to not rush around the whole time.

From the beginning, Our flight left Houston at 6:30 am. The good thing was that we were in the most magical place on Earth by noon but the bad thing was that it made for a super long day.

The first day was dedicated to Epcot. We did the whole World Showcase and rode some rides. We enjoyed some adult beverages and I was able to get us some fast passes for rides that we were not able to get in June. In all seven trips, I still have never rode Test Track. One day...

This was super early on our flight, but we were bright eyed and bushy tailed!

This is our first picture taken at Disney.
*There are PhotoPass photographers everywhere. They will take pictures with their camera then scan your band. You can buy the Memory Maker and have access to save all of the pictures they take, or you can buy them individually or by day. BUT every photographer will also take a picture with your own personal camera. That way, you get all of the memories and don't have to pay a pretty penny. I highly recommend it. 
I will include some PhotoPass pictures even though they have the watermark on them.

Every park had its own huge Christmas tree, they are absolutely gorgeous.

This meet and greet with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger is super cute. The room is set up like Christopher Robin's bedroom. It is precious.
*This is meet and greet is somewhat hard to find. Look for the line and don't be afraid to ask cast members for help.

Mary Poppins was on my "Have to meet" list. I kept missing her when we were there in June. She was fantastic!
*If you time it just right, you can Mmet Pooh and Tigger then immediately get in line to meet Mary Poppins. They are right next to each other.

This was totally made out of Gingerbread in the America Adventure.
*I highly recommend The American Adventure. It is somewhat like the Hall of Presidents but is not as boring. Sorry Presidents!

The PhotoPass picture turned out better than our personal one. Well, the lighting did. We looked ratchet so I did not screenshot it. Ha.

We met these three at about 9 pm. We were quite exhausted if you could not tell.

After we were done doing all we could in one day at Epoct, we were missing the magical "OMG I am in Disneyworld" feeling. Don't get me wrong, we could definitely tell we were in the happiest place on Earth, we just needed to see the castle!
Luckily, the Magic Kingdom was open until midnight that night. So after we watched the fireworks at Epcot, we jumped on the monorail and headed for the Magic Kingdom.

You can't really read our shirts but it says "Best Christmas Ever" under the picture of the castle.

She is absolutely breathtaking at Christmas.

It was a very exciting, adrenaline-driven, long day but it was amazing. Here are a few of my tips.

*I highly recommend riding Soarin at Epcot. It is a pretty awesome experience. Be careful if you are scared of heights.

*Living with the Land is definitely a hidden gem. It is slightly outdated but it takes you behind the scenes of where they grow their own food, farm their own fish, and many other things that benefit the environment. We were amazed.

*When checking into your hotel early online, if you have no real preferences of where your room is at your hotel, I suggest you selecting the option for the first available. Check in is not until 3pm. We arrived at noon and chose this option. Our room was ready when we got there. Our luggage had obviously not got there yet because that can take up to 3 hours if you use the Magical Express, but we were able to freshen up before we started our adventure. If you are arriving after 3pm, this is obviously not an issue.

Epcot was a lot of fun to go to as an adult. This is the only park that has a wide variety of alcohol. I know that isn't a necessity, but it was fun trying different beverages from different worlds. We had some awesome margaritas from Mexico, we definitely kept going back to get more. We also had some really good fish and chips in England. 

*Also, do not overlook the market and boat ride inside the pyramid in Mexico. It is so amazing.

I think I have hit the limit of using the words amazing and magical for the day so I will leave you now. Day 2 will be coming soon. Be sure not to miss my recap of the Wizarding World and two of my most favorite parts of the whole trip, the moment all of my dreams came true!

Here are some PhotoPass photos. You can compare the quality to our personal ones. 

See you tomorrow.


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