Monday, March 7, 2016

Back at it again.

Happy Monday everyone.

It definitely feels like a Monday. I just don't feel like doing anything. Spring time has arrived, which is usually really busy for me, and it is sucking the energy right out. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo began last week. I attended Jason Derulo on Friday. He was so freakin great. He danced, sang well, and even took his shirt off. My friends and I didn't sit down once. Yesterday, I went with my family to see Shawn Mendes. I wasn't too excited about the concert since I know exactly two songs by him, but he came out and was amazing. He played to 70,000 people in NRG Stadium with only a guitar. He had no band, just simply played acoustically. That may sound boring, but it wasn't. He had a Ed Sheeran vibe going on. Tonight we are suppose to go to Miranda Lambert, she is not my fave but my friends are going so I suppose I will go too.

Today I want to go through the some more of my North Carolina trip.

The whole basis of this trip was to go to my friend's wedding. Unfortunately, I took a lot more pictures of One Tree Hill things than wedding things. I am not too bummed about this though because I had a really great time at the wedding. Being on my phone the whole time would have just taken some of the magic away.

Now, let me tell you why I fell in love with this wedding and destination weddings in general.

I moved away from Iowa in 4th grade. I went back to visit almost every year but for the most part, I went to visit the people I knew and rarely met anyone new. When I decided to go to this wedding, I realized I would know approximately 10 people there. It scared me a little but I was ready for the new experience.

When I showed up Thursday evening, everyone was chilling at a beach house right down from the road from my hotel room. Of the 20 people at this house, only two of them were on my "I know you" list. I was introduced to everyone when I arrived, of course their names went in one ear and out the other. Eventually, I would learn to know most of them.

I don't know if it is because I have a social personality or that we all had social personalities, but as soon as I sat down with everyone, I felt like I fit in. I'm not going to lie, at first it was hard to see my friend with her new best friends. It made me wish that I would have been able to be around to make as many memories as they had, but then I passed that phase. I decided to treasure our memories that we did have and to focus one making new ones over the next four days.

We stayed up late, drinking on the deck, doing line dances to the music playing from our cell phones and making periodic trips down to the ocean. It really couldn't have gotten any better.

The next day was a relaxation day. All of us girls went to get our nails done together, then I ran some errands with my friend and her mom and sister, the people who had been in my life since I was five. It was so nice being in their company.

Later that night, we all attended the rehearsal dinner. I was sat next to people that I didn't really know but ended up having a great time. The food was great, and the company was even better. I got to hangout with groom's family and get to know them, and I also got to know the bridesmaids better. After dinner, we all went back to the same beach house and hung out until the wee hours of the morning.

When Saturday rolled around, I didn't have to do anything until I needed to get ready to actually go to the wedding. I took this opportunity to be a tourist. I had never been in the area before so I took the small 45 minute drive down to Myrtle Beach. It wasn't the sunniest of days but it was an okay enough of day to do some sightseeing.

I don't if you have ever heard of it, but I use to watch the show Myrtle Manor on TLC. It was a reality show about some people that lived in a trailer park in Myrtle Beach. Well, of course I had to go visit. The show had been cancelled but the trailer park was still set up like it was on the show. They even had a merchandise booth, so I just had to stop and buy something. The owner of the park, which is on the show often, was working it and signed my koozie. He would pose to take pictures but I was just too nervous to ask. I was actually too nervous to do a lot of things, ironically. As I drove through the trailer park, there were a lot of places I would have liked to stop and take a picture of, there were even a few other people from the show out and about. I just didn't have the nerve to stop. Looking back now, I wish I would have. Oh well.

After that adventure, I drove down to the boardwalk right on the beach. It reminded me a little of Corpus Christi, except a little more commercialized. It wasn't anything that was just absolutely amazing. It had the same ole Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and the generic souvenir shops. I only stopped briefly to take a picture on the beach and touch the sand.

When my tourist part of the day was done, I went back tot he hotel and got ready. It was now time for the main event.

The wedding was just beautiful. The ceremony was on the beach and the reception was under a white tent with hard wood flooring. Everything was airy and beachy, just how I like it.

Of course, after we closed the wedding down, it was time to go back to the beach house and party all night long, which we did after multiple failed attempts to light some of those floating lanterns to send off over the ocean.

Now, like I said earlier, let me tell you why I fell in love with destination weddings.

At a local wedding, you have a big party and more people are able to come but when you get to the reception, everyone sits with their own little party and rarely mingles and meets new people. Unless of course, you're trying to find slutty wedding sex, yes people it's a thing.

At a destination wedding, you hang out with people you have never known before for days before the wedding. You get to hangout with these people in a causal setting and actually get to know them. Sure, you may not like the people, but you may get lucky like I did. As Friday night came to a close, I was so excited for Saturday. I couldn't wait to party and dance with all of my new friends. Because that's what they were, they were my new friends, not just some random people that would be sitting at the table across from me.

I don't know that I could have a destination wedding because my family is so huge and people's feelings would get hurt but if I could, I would. I would invite everyone that I love to a getaway where we could all just hangout and have a good time. At some point they would watch me marry the love of my life, but we would do it all together.

I am so thankful that I got to experience this all. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I still have two more days of my trip, I will share that with you next time!


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