Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last Day of the Carolinas

Today I am going to finish my Carolinas trip. I am not going to go into much detail. I will just share some pictures from my walking tour that I highly recommend.

 This is the corner of Grace and Front. That building on the corner is what was Tree Hill Café.

Karen's Café that turned into Clothes Over Bros but then back to Karen's Café.

The seafood restaurant that Brooke worked at as a crab.

The gambling boat that Nathan and Chris Keller go to.

Quinn's Studio.

This was the record store.

The stairs where Brooke takes Peyton when they go to the college party and Peyton gets drugged.

This building is used for a lot go things. The Burning Boat takes place right in front of this.

This fountain is used for the Dare Night episode and when Quinn takes James on a scavenger hunt.

The school that is used for Tree Hill High.

Building used for the police station.

The bar where Nathan gets thrown through the window.

The road that Peyton, Lucas, and Sawyer drive away on.

This place is used for a lot of things. It is the bar Brooke and Lucas got to but it is also Shabooms in Eastbound and Down and it is used as a restaurant in Tammy.

The production studio.

The road out front of the studio has been named after One Tree Hill.

I will leave you with the view from my hotel room.

I stayed at the Riverview Inn and I loved it. It was located in the historical district and it was right on the river. I highly suggest it.

Now that I have this vacation done, I can move onto other posts. See you soon!


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